About The Tours

Chicago Architecture tours from the ground up

Welcome to Chicago Architecture Tours! We’re proud to present you with an in-depth, expert architectural-based walking tour that delves into one of the most remarkable American cities today. Known for unique, daring, and historical architectural pursuits, it’s hard to cover all of the design and building treasures that make up the Windy City today. If you’re ready to learning more about the designs, people, and innovations behind these creations, throw on your sneakers and get ready to walk through what architects from around the world travel to see in Chicago.




About The Architecture Tours

Chicago is known around the world for its architectural feats, both inside and outside of the buildings. From the 100-year-old Art Deco, Neo-Classical, and Gothic Towers, to some of the tallest modern-day skyscrapers, Chicago is where old meets futuristic architectural endeavors. It has something for everyone in a way that no other city replicates today.


Why Tour Chicago’s Architecture with Us?

We are born-and-raised Chicagoans ourselves, passionate about the community that we know and love. That passion and desire spills into all of our tours, drawing on personal experiences for curating a tour that just can’t be duplicated by a book or a movie. We want you to experience everything firsthand. Why tour with us?

  • Expertise: All of our tour guides are either architects, architecture students, or architecture historians, making for an in-depth and personally rooted kind of touring experience that covers all of the discreet details.
  • Variety: We offer three uniquely different tours that cover everyone’s individual taste. We offer the Chicago River Architecture Tour that takes you down the famous Chicago River Walk; the Chicago Art Deco and Interior Gems tour covering the famous Loop District; and the Frank Lloyd Wright Homes tour in Oak Park, detailing some of Wright’s very first architectural pursuits.
  • Flexibility: We want you to enjoy your architectural touring experience, which is why we’re happy to talk with you and learn more about how our tours can accommodate you, your party, or your corporate outing. Our tours run daily, with availability always posted on our website here.


Our Tours 

  • Chicago River Walk Architecture Tour: When in Chicago, strolling down the Chicago River is  a must. Except with us, you’ll be taking in the architecture of the buildings that line the beautiful river. We provide detailed explanations of the construction and history of over 50 significant buildings, wrapping up at the end of the river.
  • Chicago Art Deco and Interior Gems Tour: Immerse yourself in the incredible facades and intricate interiors of the Windy City’s 1920s Art Deco and Art Moderne buildings during our one-of-a-kind 2-hour walking tour. You’ll learn about Chicago’s pivotal positioning in developing this iconic style, as well as how you can spot its influences today.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Homes Tour: This is controversial architecture at its finest. During the 1800s, architect Frank Lloyd Wright came out with a new American architecture style that was put to test in Chicago’s Oak Park, a Prairie style. We look at the beginning of Wright’s influence and how it has spilled into design projects throughout the world.


Our Commitment to Your Touring Experience

We believe that tours should be entertaining, enlightening, informational, and perfectly organized, every single time. A tour shouldn’t feel laborious in any way; you should feel an effortless inclination to learn more about what we present at your fingertips. With our Chicago architectural tours, that’s exactly what we strive to provide, basing each tour from the perspective of an expert with the real-life example in the background.


If you think that touring isn’t for you, check out one of our Chicago architecture walking tours this year. You’ll get your daily exercise in, make a few friends, and walk away with an in-depth understanding of one of our country’s greatest cities.


If you’re thinking about booking a tour with us, know that our commitment to flexibility and accessible makes our Chicago Architecture Tours easy and convenient:

  • Tours run daily
    • Chicago River Architecture Tour: 3:30 pm and 7 pm
    • Art Deco & Interior Gems Tour: 2:30 pm
    • Frank Lloyd Wright Homes Tour: 11 am (Fri – Mon)
  • $17 per person
  • Kids below the age of 6 go free
  • Check here for availability